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Dana Andry


Pos: Pitcher & Infield
Bats: Rights Throws: Right
Years: 1972-1985
Teams: Galatis Resturant, Cleveland Jaybirds (Pro), Cleveland Competitors (Pro), Nationwide Advertising, Steele's Sports
5 National Tournaments

3 Time All Pro Selection

1982 USPSL MVP (Pro)
All World Selection in 1983

5 Time All City Selection

“Big Time Player”

Steve Blanchette


Pos: Infield
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Years: 1976-1986
Teams: Hillcrest Tavern, Nationwide Advertising, Cleveland Competitiors (Pro), Steeles Sports, NFMF
24 National Tournaments
National Champion with NFMF in 1986
2 Time All World Selection
Selected to the All Decade Team 1980′s

“Big Time Power”

Pam Grinstead


Pos: Infield & Outfield

Bats: Right Throws: Right

Years: 1968-1985

Teams: Raney Tire, Broglio’s, Kirby Co., Play-a-Way Lounge

17 National Tournaments

1 All World Selection

Many All Star Teams

Paul Benik


Pos: 3B

Bats: Right  Throws: Right

Years: 1960′s & 70′s

Teams: Swing Inn, Pyramid Cafe, Wash-n-Fill

4 National Tournaments

4 Time All City Selection

Eddy Skinner


Pos: 2B

Bats: Right Throws:  Right

Years 1960-1974

Teams: Gene’s Sunoco, Cadillac Music

5 National Tournaments

2 All City Selections

Larry and Lenny Finkelhor


Years: 40+

Teams: Favorite Knits

5 City Titles

Organized first JRC League

Don Schmook


Started in 1967

22 Years as Metro Umpire Association President and Assigner

3 Years Umpire in Chief

Worked PD Major and Pro Leagues

Walter Stangry


Years: 52+

Leagues: Euclid Major, JRC

Men’s and Women’s Game

Mike Macenko


Pos: 2B
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Years: 1973-2000′s
Teams: Pesano’s Restaurant, Hillcrest Tavern, Nationwide Advertising, Cleveland Competitiors (Pro),  Steele's Sports
65 National Tournament
18 National Championships
34 All World Selections
All Decade Team 1980′s

Stu Levine


Pos: Outfield

Bats: Right Throws: Right

Years: 1960′s-1970′s

Teams: Helf Builders, Erie Sheet Steel, NFMF. Hersch Motors

5 National Tournaments

All World Selection in 1966

2 Time All City Selection

Frank Lucy


Pos: Infield

Bats: Right  Throws: Right

Years: 1960-1972

Teams: Sheffield Bronze, Swing Inn, Carlings Brewery, Pyramid Cafe

7 National Tournaments

7 City Titles

1 Time All City Selection

Eddy Verbos


Pos: 3B

Bats: Right   Throws: Right

Years: 1960′s & 70′s

Teams: Raydons , Teamsters

6 National Tournaments

2 All City Selections

“Fine All Around Hitter”

Doug O'Brien


Pos: 3B

Bats: Right Throws: Right

Years:  1968-1983

Teams: Holiday Lounge, Ohio Sealants, Erieside Electric

6 National Tournaments

5 All City Selections

Eddy Dwyer


Sportswriter Cleveland Plain Dealer

Covered Slow-Pitch for 15 years (Longest to do so!)

Covered Many Men’s and Women’s National Tournaments

Covered 6 Greater Cleveland Softball Hall of Fame Tournaments

Member of Prep Writer’s Hall of Fame

Gerry McGinty


Pos: Pitcher

Years: 40+

Teams: Swing Inn, Teamsters, Gene’s Sunoco

8 National Tournaments

1 All City Selection

Dino Lucarelli


Years: 1957-1968

Teams: Christys Eggs

1 City Titles 1964

PR/Media Relations for Cleveland Indians, Browns,Pipers and Barons

Harvey Warner


Leagues: Parma

Prime Mover for National Tournaments Held in Parma 1969, ’71,’ 77, ’82, ’83, ’87, ’90

ASA Deputy Commissioner 20 years

USSSA Commissioner 12 years

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